Friday, December 01, 2006

Predicted Order of Finish Comparison

Predicted Standings w/ Actual Finish Highlighted


Cuzzin Bailey Malt Licker El Gran Mono ACTUAL

1. Florida 1. Florida 1. Florida 1. FLORIDA (7-1)

2. Georgia 2. Tennessee 2. Tennessee 2. TENNESSEE (5-3)

3. South Carolina 3. Georgia 3. Georgia 3. KENTUCKY (4-4)

4. Tennessee 4. South Carolina 4. South Carolina 4. GEORGIA (4-4)

5. Kentucky 5. Kentucky 5. Kentucky 5. SOUTH CAROLINA (3-5)

6. Vanderbilt 6. Vanderbilt 6. Vanderbilt 6. VANDERBILT (1-7)


1. Auburn 1. Auburn 1. LSU 1. ARKANSAS (7-1)

2. LSU 2. LSU 2. Auburn 2. AUBURN (6-2)

3. Alabama 3. Arkansas 3. Arkansas 3. LSU (6-2)

4. Arkansas 4. Alabama 4. Alabama 4. ALABAMA (2-6)

5. Miss St 5. Ole Miss 5. Ole Miss 5. OLE MISS (2-6)

6. Ole Miss 6. Miss St 6. Miss St 6. MISS STATE (1-7)


Anonymous said...

How 'bout them Gators?


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I'm glad!

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Good Luck!

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