Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bourbon Boys Pick The SEC Week V – Thursday Night Game Edition

Auburn at South Carolina (+14), 7:30

Malt Licker

Well the Spurdog is getting 14 points at home, something I never thought I'd see or type. The Cocks haven't taken down a top 5 team since Ronnie Reagan's first year in office. Meanwhile, Auburn is on a roll and their defense will be the ones providing the most penetration. Everything in my head tells me to take Auburn to cover, but I feel like the Visor will come up with some good play calls to keep this game relatively close.

Plainzzzzmen 24

USC 14

El Gran Mono

Spurdog hasn’t been fazed by Awwwwbuuunnnn’s hatred of drinking or spectacularly under/overachieving teams while coaching in the SEC (9-3 record). Unfortunately, all of those nine wins took place while he was coaching a stud team rather than blackout reliant cockmasters. The Plainsmen will win this game unless they decide to hit Group Therapy for some pre-game jager bombs…hmmm, not very likely. However, BranDONE Cox will keep the game close with his lack of touch and skill against good teams.

We have Irons 21

We used to have Irons 17

Cuzzin’ Bailey

I guess it looks like USC has pretty much bagged this year …well at least they should. The Cocks have played one decent team in the last four weeks …and got smoked. Anyways, Auburn is way better than UGA and therefore I like the Tigers, I like the points, and I like Hand Grenades .. oh wait…where did that come from?...

Plainsmen 35

Cocks 14

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