Monday, October 17, 2005


It seems people are dividing into two distinct camps in the Gator Nation:

1) The Hate Urban Meyer and his spread option scheme

2) The Hate Chris Leak, play Josh Portis, Urban doesn't have his players camp.

Personally, I am not a member of either one. I think Meyer's offense stinks and I have never thought Chris Leak was anything better than OK.

Meyer's offense could be good, but how long will it take...2 years...3 years...until all Zook's Blue Chips are gone? Every team should play the scheme that gives it the best chance to win. I am about winning. If Urban thinks the spread option gives the Gators the best chance of winning than keep it up BUT if he thinks the fan base will accept two years of terrible offense then he is sorely mistaken.

I still like Urban the coach. But perhaps installing some simpler, less gimmicky plays over the next two weeks would be a good idea. UGA is better defensively than LSU...and hopefully Meyer knows that.

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