Monday, September 17, 2007

Slate of Games, Week IV, NSECGOTW Suggestion

Last week was pretty serious! This week provides less awesome games but it will still be fun. All lines are from (for entertainment purposes only). Some feedback regarding the game of the week would be helpful given the lack of possibilities.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Florida @ Ole Miss (+21), 12:30

South Carolina @ LSU (-16), 3:30

Kentucky @ Arkansas (-6.5), 6

New Mexico State @ Auburn (-17), 7

Gardner-Webb @ Mississippi State (NL), 7

Arkansas State @ Tennessee (-18.5), 7

Georgia @ Alabama (-3.5), 7:45

Vanderbilt – OFF

Non-SEC Game of The Week Suggestion

Penn State @ Michigan (+2.5), 3:30


Tom said...

GOW pickings is slim. Go with what you got already.

TN Gator said... aren't kidding about the GOW picks outside of the SEC. I think I agree with your choice of Penn St. vs Michigan, but I will throw another one in the ring... Washington vs. UCLA. Neither one is ranked but they are both 2-1 and it has the possibilty of being a good game.


TN Gator said...

I almost forgot...What an AWESOME GAME this weekend!!! There is nothing like sitting in a Knoxville restaraunt wearing BLUE (with just a hint of orange) while Tebow, Harvin and co. just walk all over the Tenn defense. You should have seen the looks I got when I predicted the 99yd scoring drive ;-)

B said...

That is great E ... man yall should have seen the Swamp ... 90% blue with just the strips of UT orange God that felt good watching our team roll all over 'em

September said...

You write very well.